Everyone’s Wellness

In RXV Wellness Village, ‘Everyone's Wellness’ serves as our philosophy. We believe that people of all ages and walks of life should have comparable access to sustainable health and wellness solutions. To empower you to accomplish your health goals and keep your life in balance, we thoughtfully create personalised regimens tailored to the unique challenges you face at each stage. Whether you're a young person needing to unwind and recharge, an executive looking to de-stress, a family aiming to reconnect and find harmony, or a silver age wanting to maintain cognitive function, our holistic wellness programmes at RXV are designed to support you every step of the way.

Embark on this journey for a sustainable, well-lived life with a wellness approach that touches every aspiration in your life.

Natural Healing of Sampran

Nestled in a carefully selected serene area near Bangkok, RXV Wellness Village in Sampran offers a nurturing and rejuvenating atmosphere where you can replenish and heal your life’s energy. Amidst expansive areas of 4,000 sq. m, surrounded by every corner of heritage ancient trees and overlooking the Tha Chin River, you can breathe in the pure, fresh breeze and rekindle your inner peace of mind and physical ease.

Sustainability & Heritage

RXV has consistently prioritised sustainability, starting with our early collaborations with Suan Sampran to enhance local communities and elevate global standards for environmental preservation and carbon footprint reduction. Our dedication has recently been recognised with a prestigious gold certification from Green Growth 2050.

RXV has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, including repurposing the original Rose Garden furniture to extend its lifespan and reduce waste. We cherish the six-decade-old ancient trees and have replanted numerous trees and plants throughout the organic farm and wellness village, using composted leaves and food waste from the RXV Kitchen as organic fertilizer. These efforts are aimed at preserving the charm of Sampran heritage and promoting the health of our planet.