Sampran Power Walk

Move your body and power up the fun with this brisk cardio activity that lets you enjoy the natural surroundings of Sampran while walking at a faster pace and swinging your arms back and forth. The key is to bend the arms and control their movement in relation to the steps, allowing the speed of the activity to burn calories and properly balance your heart rate.


A simple exercise that helps you start the day fresh by stretching and in the meantime strengthening the body. It also helps increase energy circulation in the body, stimulates the function of the nervous system, and makes the mind and body work in better harmony.

Neuromuscular Exercise

Enhance the coordination of the nervous system and the muscles using Blaze Pods – a form of technology that stimulates the visual sensory system as well as the senses of touch and hearing. It also helps restore and improve any misfunction or abnormal movement of the body in order to reduce injuries or accidents that may occur. Perfect for all ages, this activity is especially suited to children and the elderly.


Mandala is a workshop that reflects oneself, one’s emotions, and one’s feelings through art therapy. Using fresh organic flowers, participants will form a wheel with flower petals and other elements, based on their individual thoughts, emotions, and desires. The Mandala will reflect the personality of the person, allowing them to know more about themselves.

Chair Stretch

Chair Stretch combines the core principle of yoga, dance, Tai Chi, and gymnastics, using the joints and muscles of the entire body in a gentle but effective way. This exercise helps replenish oxygen in the blood stream and stimulate the nervous system, the body, and the mind. Develop and improve this exercise to the next level with Wellness GAYA’s physiotherapists for smoother, more relaxed, and energetic movement that will bring you good health and vitality

Crystal Bowl Healing

A sound therapy that helps calm the mind, Crystal Bowl Healing uses 7 crystal bowls to create vibrations that penetrate into deep brain waves. Perfect for those with accumulated stress from work, looking for a peaceful mind.

Gentle Boot Camp

A group exercise where you can appreciate nature while working out in a setting full of positive energy. This is an important tool that helps revitalize the body, mind, and emotions while strengthening your muscles and bones at the same time