Group Activities & Workshops

Every individual’s needs towards wellness are distinctive, and making a group of individuals meet their needs towards wellness is undoubtedly achievable here at RXV.

Laying on the concepts of active and mindfulness to unlock your physical, mental, and emotional potentials and reconnect them with peace, our all-aged activities, classes, and workshops are all able to be tailored to fit the direction of bond building you need within your team, family, or friends. A powerful avenue for enhancing each and everyone’s wellness, joy, productivity, and overall organisational and familial health.

Wellness activities

Events & Unique Spaces

The consistently exceptional nature and heritage architecture of Sampran make gatherings at RXV one-of-a-kind. We encompass a diverse range of event environments designed to heighten occasions in both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it's a seminar, a space-required room for workshops, or activities, each event is fully equipped to accommodate from 20 to 120 people and thoughtfully catered with wellness snack breaks and meal services to cover every aspect of wellness.

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