RXV Integrative Journey

Our hidden route to an optimal wellness destination— an integrative journey with diverse dimensions of medical wisdom and holistic lifestyle modification.

Through a heart of holistic well-being, we integrate multi-practices of Eastern and Western tradition in all aspects of body, mind, and emotion remedies, enhancing each guest's unique life goals at every stage of life and needs to achieve a longing for sustainable well-being.

From the first to the farewell step in our wellness village, you will find our diversely distinctive holistic approaches to lifestyle modification seamlessly blended into your journey: health diagnosis, health assessment, and lab tests with medical treatments, alternative medicine from eastern wisdom secluded in therapeutic treatments, energy healing, art therapy, and spa wellness. The journey continues with physiotherapy treatments, movement therapy, wellness group classes, hydrotherapy, wellness cuisine, and peaceful accommodation. All of this is a meticulous integration to establish the groundwork for your own unique way of living as you embark on the path to a long and healthy life.

Service Menu

Wellness Programmes

At RXV, we prioritise your well-being by providing a personalised, integrative, and holistic approach designed to fulfil your needs at every stage of life. Our programmes seek to address each life's ultimate goal, be it for a new generation to get cool and calm with relaxation and inspiration from nature, the executive mind to be at ease and peace with free of stress and worries, the silver age to take charge of their health and live the fullest, or a family of multi-generations to reconnect and bond closer. With our personalised, distinctive programmes tailored to your life purpose, your wellness journey will be empowered as a life well-lived.

Embrace the ever-changing nature of body, mind, and spirit health with RXV's programmes that will accompany your wellness journey through life.

Wellness Clinic

A profound initial approach to your wellness journey is led by doctors and wellness professionals in exceptional facilities specialising in anti-ageing medicine as a core concept of longevity enhancement.

Our innovative scientific wellness technologies enable us to provide personalised intensive care and valuable insights into your health assessment and laboratory test results, customised to suit your unique lifestyle for sustainable living, all within the tranquil setting of our serene and verdant surroundings.

Wellness Gaya

Our physical specialised division, GAYA (meaning 'body' in Thai), is led by a distinguished team of physical therapists and sports scientists to design movement therapy ideally compatible for your unique body based on physical assessment and analysis, allowing you to understand your true body conditions.

Diverse forms of exercise, including active, passive, and corrective routines, are conducted here. These sessions, whether in private or group classes, are designed to cater to the enjoyment and engagement of individuals of all ages and body types, focusing particularly on muscle strength, brain function, and mental health.

Wellness Jai

Dedicated to the holistic well-being of body–mind–spirit, this meticulous wing, JAI (meaning 'mind' in Thai), seamlessly blends alternative eastern medicines such as traditional Thai and Chinese medicines, energy healing, art therapy, Naturopathy, and spa treatments, all administered by accredited holistic doctors and wellness specialists.

The unique therapeutic remedies not only provide a transformative, instantaneous result but also share the medical wisdom of a holistic health journey, giving you a fresh perspective on health care and living sustainably well.

Bor Naam

Bor Naam, a Thai word meaning "pond," The ultimate indulgence of rejuvenation and relaxation, our spacious hydrotherapy is designed to revive your vitality, promote blood circulation, and embrace your whole well-being from head to toe. Immerse and rest tranquilly in 7 zones of our ponds of longevity, including:

  • ㆍVitality Pool

  • ㆍOxygen Bath 

  • ㆍSoda Bath

  • ㆍCold Plunge Pool

  • ㆍInfrared Sauna

  • ㆍSteam Room

  • ㆍExperience Shower

Featuring a distinctive temperature range, our hydrotherapy offerings cater to a variety of preferences and needs. Different temperatures facilitate unique forms of healing for both body and mind, ensuring you find the ideal hydrotherapy experience to suit your requirements.