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RXV Wellness

The programs we create are suitable for those who are looking to start their own wellness journey. Designed to take care of the mind and body through the application of nature, spa programs and healing energy, our treatments are developed from the wisdom of the traditional Thai, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicines of India, which harmoniously treat all dimensions of health. Each of these traditional Oriental treatment processes is also enhanced by a focus on utilizing modern technology in every stage. Combined with the rehabilitation of the body structure by a physiotherapist, your muscles will be strengthened through a development program designed just for you, while your body can also be refreshed by vitamins boosters – we will walk you through your transformation to a better life with a targeted goal.

RXV Program

We offer programs for those who would like to start a wellness journey, taking care of their mind and body through the use of nature, spa programs and healing energy in treatments inspired from the wisdom of traditional Thai, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicines of India, which harmoniously treat all dimensions of health as well as focusing on every treatment process using modern technology. Combined with the rehabilitation of the body structure by a physiotherapist work...

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Wellness Clinic

Find balance, restore your health, and live a sustainable, healthy life without worrying about illness by taking care of your health through modern medical science and cutting-edge technology. We will help you learn and understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses to further develop your body effectively and specifically. We will also identify any risks that you may have overlooked from your daily routines and recommend a preventive solution that may be more than a treatment or lifestyle adjustment to ensure your wellness journey is sustainable. The programs include a toxic heavy metals test, a balance of vitamin and mineral levels test, an analysis of the hormone levels that affect stress and growth, and a food intolerance test. Selected treatments designed from the health assessment of our experts are also available, such as a vitamin drip, digestive system detox, regeneration of inflammation at the cell level, and many more. All this is arranged in a relaxing and natural atmosphere to leave you feeling completely balanced and restored.

Wellness Jai

At RXV, wellness starts from taking care of and protecting your body, mind, and soul with treatments that integrate aspects of the Thai traditional medicine that we are so proud of, along with various fields of Eastern medicine. Each of such treatments is designed to meet the unique needs of every lifestyle and every age. Whether you want to relax your stressful mind or transform your body and become a new and brighter person, Wellness JAI can help treat all dimensions of health and promote wellbeing holistically from the inside out through wellness services ranging from spa programs, healing energy, treatments crafted from the wisdom of traditional Thai, Chinese and the Ayurvedic medicines of India, or the application of heated herbs to balance the digestive system, treat office syndrome, or restore your skin with 100% natural organic extracts.

Wellness Gaya

Discover a new dimension of analysis that helps you know your body better than ever. Enjoy the activities that have been designed for everyone in the family. Create great stories and beautiful moments with your loved ones in activities and fitness innovations that will strengthen your movement skills through commands from the brain to the nervous system and see the response in each part of the body. This will also build strength in your muscles and stimulate the metabolic system to achieve your desired body shape. At Wellness GAYA, you will meet with a team of physiotherapists, sports scientists, and therapists, who will create a fun and engaging exercise experience, bringing joy to your every movement.

Bor Naam

Experience true relaxation in the Hydrotherapy Zone – complete with Vitality Pool, Oxygen Bath, Soda Pool, Cold Pool, Steam Room, and Experience Shower in a comfortable atmosphere in the midst of nature.